he notion of ‘care’ represents a significant expanse of women’s lives that has remained unacknowledged and has been treated with contempt within the existing capitalist and patriarchal context. Moreover, it has been predominantly associated with the home-based reproduction arena signifying oppression and has been neglected as a capacity.

Corresponding to the IASDR 2021 theme of [Critical] Design Modes, this workshop intends to repurpose the language arising from the experiences of ‘care’ (from a feminist perspective) as an agency to critically inform theoretical discourse of design that promotes collaborative and bottom-up, citizen-centered practices at a societal level.

This workshop will bring together participants from different backgrounds to reflect upon their experiences and perceptions of ‘care’ through participatory design methodologies to develop a conceptual framework that operates on non-hierarchical, informal, network-oriented participatory logics to guide alternate design approaches.